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Your one stop shop for website design, development, hosting, and everything in between.

Our team brings decades of experience in designing, developing, deploying, and hosting web and mobile applications following established industry best practices. We work with you to ensure a secure and aesthetically beautiful looking product that works across devices.

Our services include:

  • ASP.NET MVC, Ruby on Rails, and Middleman/Jekyll Development
  • Web & Application Design
  • Custom Wordpress implementations
  • SEO & E-commerce workflows
  • Secure Hosting

Technology is tough!

Whether you need to roll out an entirely custom solution to support your business or establish a presence on the web, getting it done right has become increasingly complex. With technology in a state of constant flux and security threats on the rise, leaving your development needs to an inexperienced operation presents a risk to both your reputation and ability to do business.

Located in Southern California, we provide solutions for an international audience. We've done everything from architecting multi-lingual and culturally aware applications to building secure, data-driven systems that interact with multiple database management systems and thirdy party web services. Experienced in working alongside professional graphic designers and SEO firms, we're passionate about what we do.

We bring decades of experience in both architecting and developing solutions using technologies such as Microsoft.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Ruby on Rails, and Wordpress. We have even built and deployed native iOS applications should that be something you are interested in.

Whether your needs require supporting multiple languages, e-commerce, database access (Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc...), or the ability to roll out a tailored CMS on Wordpress, we have an established history of bringing such features to market.
We live in a mobile world. All our solutions and designed and tested to ensure that your website or application works across all device form factors. Whether your users are accessing your site from an iPhone, Android device, iPad, notebook, or desktop, our goal is to provide a consistent experience for all.
We personally manage our own servers, including keeping up-to-date with security patches and running daily backups. We guarntee that no more than 25 websites are hosted on any given server!

Security and performance are typically only afterthoughts for most organizations working to launch a website. Many end up using cheap shared hosting companies, not realizing that their site ends up sitting on the same server as literally hundreds of others. When things go wrong, frustration follows as you end up having to deal with overseas customer service reps of questionable expertise and slow turn-around-times. From loss of visitors to lower search engine rankings, the cost of a slow website can be disastrous.

While you don't have to host with us, it's strongly recommend.


Architecture & Development

Whether you need someone to architect your application from scratch or lead development efforts on something already in place, we bring decades of experience in building solutions on frameworks like Microsoft .NET and Rails. Our proficiencies include: Multi-tiered architecture, ASP.NET MVC, Classic ASP, Rails, AngularJS, JQuery, ORM framework integration (e.g., Rails AR, Entity Framework, NHIbernate), and Database development (e.g., MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySql).

Website Development with Middleman & Jekyll

We understand how to use powerful static site generation frameworks like Middleman and Jekyll to deliver fast websites, deployed without the need of having to deal with PHP or a database on the backend. Services include: Setup, Ruby development, Configuration, and various automated Deployment strategies.


Check out the many Wordpress sites we've built below in our portfolio! Services include: Secure Setup & Hosting, Future-Proofed Theme Customization, PHP/CSS/Javascript development, and Site Design.

Site Layout & Graphic Design

We know our way around Photoshop and image optimization, as well as how to use UI frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, and others to lay a foundation of beautifulness and intuitivity for your website. Services include: Graphic Design, CSS/SCSS development, UI framework integration.

End-to-End Hosting Solution

Ohmeow offers a one-stop shop for everything necessary to get you up & running quickly. Services include: Domain Name Registration, SSL Certificate Configuration, E-mail Setup, and Hosting on our own virtual private servers. Security is huge and you can be confident that you are in good hands as, in addition to weekly security audits, we run daily backups and have disaster recovery plans in place as needed.

Native iOS Application Development

In addition to building responsive web applications that run on mobile browsers, ohmeow can help you build native iOS apps for iPhone and iPad. Services include: Design, Objective-C development, Deployment to Apple's App Store.

Database Development & Integration

We work primarily on Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite database servers. Services include: Database Design, SQL programming, ORM integration with web applications, backups, and code optimization. We also provide integration services with 3rd party database systems as needed.

And A Whole Lot More ...

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We develop websites and applications across many different business sectors.
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ohmeow went above and beyond for my business. I highly recommend their service!

A Tremendous Help

ohmeow has been a tremendous help in getting the website of High Five America up and running, and they continues to provide immediate technical support when needed. I’ve relied on ohmeow numerous times when something (usually something I’ve done) goes wrong. The website has a nice, clean interface, which makes it easy for our customers to navigate.

Satisfied Clients is Job #1!