Hi! My name is Wayde Gilliam, and I’m the owner of ohmeow.com.

In addition to being a full-stack web application and ML developer, I’m an active member in the fast.ai community and a contributor to their deep learning framework. I also have the privilege to mentor a number of High School students on a local FIRST Robotics FRC team in the ways of software development and analytics.

I’m a strong advocate of the thoughtful reading of books (not on a piece of glass mind you … the paper kind) and keeping a good work/life balance that promotes both intellectual and physical well-being (something I and most engineering type folks struggle with). I can honestly think of few things better for us as human beings to be involved with than the reading books. I’m not on most social media because I consider it a net negative to us as a species, however, you can find me on twitter where my account is primarily professional in nature or via e-mail.

This website is powered by fastpages 1.

  1. a blogging platform that natively supports Jupyter notebooks in addition to other formats.